Achievements & Work in Progress


All these projects have been running prior to the date SeedforLife.FeedforLife.SCIO was incorporated in March 2018


Circa 2013 - Harvest Fund was created money has been sent over on an annual basis in the form of a gift it started originally at a figure of approx £800, now in Sept 2019 they have received £1200.00


2016- Scholarship fund was initiated initially with 20 pupils - there are now 25 in the Programme at various stages of their Education  in September 2019 £1700.00 has been sent for this Project to continue.


2017-2018 Farming Programme was initiated .Between May and October that year the small community on Seil and Luing and surrounding district raised a staggering £16,500.00. 80 farmers received inputs and 65 tonnes of Maize was produced as a result which enabled the School Feeding Programme to start in September  2018 by feeding the infants and then infants + Juniors and by January 2019 the whole school


2018-2019 - This growing season was funded entirely by fund raising and 84 farmers received inputs giving a total harvest of 105.34 tonnes Maize , 40 tonne of which has been put into store. Once the feed requirement for the School Meal Programme has been removed the balance will be  sold around the turn of 2020 when prices reach their peak the proceeds of which will go into the Bemvu Management Committee Bank account for purchase of more seed and fertiliser.


We applied and were successful in receiving grant funding from the Scottish Government Small Grants scheme ( apparently there were 80+ applications and only 16 grants were awarded and so they must have seen value in what SeedforLife is trying to achieve).


We have received the following funding:


2019-2020 -£13,735.00

2020-2021 - £19,700.00

2012-2022-  £26,265.00


Our budget expenditure for 2019 - 2020 is in excess of £20,000.00 and so the requirement for independent fund raising continues.


David Alsop who is Project Manager visited Bemvu in August to verify and discuss foreward planning of the Programme meeting all the villages concerned, the Headmen and Chiefs. The difference SeedforLife is making over there is Life Changing and all concerned are so grateful for our concern for their welfare.